“They Were Disappointed When I Told Them I Was Their Speaker—Until I Stood In Front of them And Opened My Mouth…”


People are shocked when I tell them I’m not a born speaker.

I had to LEARN how to speak. 

Year after year after year.   (To this day, I still am learning.  Even after 30+ years of speaking, I constantly read books, attend seminars, and seek out mentors.  I don’t stop learning—which is a very important key to my success.)

I’m sure you know guys and gals who are born speakers.  You’ll find them talking non-stop, arms gesticulating, monopolizing conversations whenever they’d be given half-a-chance to speak.

Well, I’m not like that.  By nature, I’m a shy person.

In fact, when I started speaking as a teenager, I’d just sit at the back of the room, preferring to be quiet and unseen, waiting for the meeting to start. 

Let me tell you a true story.

While waiting, I remember a middle-age woman who walked up to me and with a raised eyebrow, and asked, “Excuse me, who are you?  Why are you here?”

When I said, “Uh, I’m the group’s invited speaker...,” her eyes bulged.  (It didn’t help that I was young, wore terrible clothes, and was as thin as a praying mantis.)

“Oh, I see…” she said, disappointment written all over her face.  And she walked away, shaking her head.

A few minutes later, the meeting started.  And the host called my name, telling them that I was “one of the youngest speakers”.   When I walked on stage, and opened my mouth, their jaws dropped.  They didn’t know what hit them.

Even to this day, some people are shocked when I tell them that off stage, I’m quiet and reserved.  I wasn’t born with a quick wit or a ready answer.  I painstakingly prepare for my talks.  (It still takes me 4 days to prepare a 30-minute message.)

That’s why I firmly believe anyone can speak better.  Because it happened to me.

Do you want to be a more successful speaker?

I have the solution…

Yes, You Can LEARN To Be A Great Speaker

Do you feel stage fright?

Do you feel a lack of connection with your audience?

Do you feel stiff in front of your listeners—and thus they’re stiff as well?

Do you lack confidence on stage?

Do you want to actually enjoy speaking in front of large audiences?

Friend, you can be a successful speaker.

How?  By LEARNING to be one.  You don’t have to be a born speaker.  You can actually GROW to become better and better everyday.

This is the reason why I created SuccessSpeakersClub

  If you need to improve your speaking, I’d like to personally invite you to join the SuccessSpeakersClub.  I’m the Founder of the Club; And Arun Gogna, one of the most effective, well-loved, and funniest speakers in the country, is the Club’s Executive Director.

Let me tell you about Arun…

Who Is Arun Gogna?

I remember the first time I heard him speak.

Somewhere in the middle of his talk, I told myself, “My gosh, this guy is one of the funniest preachers in the world.”  

Soon, I was wiping my tears.  I was laughing so hard, I was crying!

By the end of his talk, I was still crying.

But not anymore because he was so funny.  I was now crying because he ministered to my soul.  Through him, I felt God was speaking to me in a very clear and personal way.

Arun Gogna disarms you with his humor and before you notice what’s happening, he has gently slipped into your heart God’s message for your life.

Through the years, God has brought us together as dear friends.  I now have the distinct privilege of serving with him, side by side, in one ministry.

Wow Your Audience!

Learn from me, from Arun and our Team of Mentor-Speakers.

Join the SuccessSpeakersClub and get the coaching you need to be the best speaker you can ever become.

By joining the Club, you’ll be enrolling in an ongoing, non-stop training on how you can be the best speaker you can ever become.

You receive these 3 Huge blessings…

Blessing #1:

Each Month, You Receive
The SuccessSpeakers VIDEO CLASS

Each monthly VIDEO CLASS is filled to the brim with practical strategies on how you can become the best speaker. You’ll enjoy an audiovisual treasure each month, which will include samples of Great Speakers—so you always have inspiring models to learn from.

Blessing #2:

Each Month, You Receive
The Great Communicator REPORT

Each page of this Great Communicator Report will be loaded with ready-to-apply wisdom to develop, hone, and elevate your speaking skills; You’ll read practical tips on crafting a superb message, and delivering it with maximum impact.

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Blessing #3:

Each Month, You Join A
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There are two membership levels at the SuccessSpeakers Club: Envoy and Ambassador. If you sign up at the Ambassador Level, each month, you’ll gather with a small group of high-achievers like yourself and learn together. Imagine a room of like-minded people and the magic of synergism! Get ready to speed-up your learning through these 2 to 3 hour monthly workshops—Live!